Scout Capital Palo Alto

DesignerRussell Groves, Stacey Bertin, Corey Schneider, Pamela Meech, Jason Fischer, Luke Hellkamp
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Scout Palo Alto headquarters fuses the location’s existing historic details and industrial aesthetic with a new crisp and modern intervention. The integrity of the large open space and the existing rough hewn wood trusses remains uninterrupted through the use of dividers placed only where necessary. This minimal amount of partitions accentuates and caters to the Scout collaborative spirit. Sliding glass panel systems can be opened or closed to achieve a flexibility of separation, while partial height honeycomb acrylic and stainless steel panels provide privacy for employees. Upon entry, two “living room” lounge spaces are anchored by felt wool area rugs, carefully placed upon the newly poured continuous concrete floor. These open areas provide the opportunity for casual meetings and endow residential warmth, reflectant of the Palo Alto vibe and culture. The only truly enclosed space, the conference room, floats within the larger space as a beautifully tailored bamboo box. From storage, to pantry, to library, each face of the box satisfies a different programmatic need. Although the overall aesthetic of the project conveys a simplicity and modesty of construction, inside the box sits a cutting edge, state-of-the-arts telecommunications room which serves as a virtual connection to the New York office. The expansive office space is illuminated by custom metal fixtures which highlight the beautiful wood trusses and ceiling above, while also providing adequate light to the workspaces below. The end result is an efficient modern office endowed with a warm, relaxed spirit.