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"Design should delight all the senses." That notion may seem self-evident, but it is also why it is the source and the heart of how Michel Dallaire approaches his profession. For this exceptional creator, the work of a designer cannot be limited to resolving technical problems; its purpose must be to create products that have a soul, products that are capable of stirring emotions. Before starting to practice his profession in Montreal, Michel Dallaire took postgraduate studies in industrial design at the Stockholm Konstfackskolan. As early as 1976, Michel Dallaire signed his name to a major work—the Olympic Flame for the Montreal Games. Over the years, a great many remarkable creations have punctuated the designer's career path. Among others, we mention the Plasticase briefcase, the Boston metro cars, the amphitheatre seating at the École des Hautes Études Commerciales and the outdoor signage for the Old Port of Montreal. For many years, Michel Dallaire shared his experience with students from Switzerland, France and Canada. For the present, however, along with his small studio team, he is narrowing his focus to that which is essential for him: the quest for beauty and quality. "Everything we achieve in our lifetime is the product of what we give of ourselves," says the designer. Obviously passionate about each of the projects he undertakes, Michel Dallaire has certainly not finished giving of himself.

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