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Stargazr is a new interface for now TV's IPTV service. Stargazr provides ranged functions from TV controls, programme guide, video on-demand playback to personalization. And this redesigned user interface has given these functions a more integrated, user-friendly control. The most frequently used functions including Full Guide (TV listings), audio, subtitles options are made instant and direct to users. Mini-Guide allows users to access these options in an overlay panel without obstructing their tv watching experience. It also shows information about the current show's time and next show coming up. The new remote control has only 16 buttons but allows users to perform most tasks in the dark because options are on the screen, but not the input device. Users can basically navigate throughout the entire portal interface with the direction buttons, OK and Back buttons. Onscreen layouts are carefully structured for clarity and consistence. Text size for both Chinese and English interfaces are tested for optimal legibility and readability, ensuring texts are displayed crisply in both HD and SD TV screens. Display performance is universal but won't be restricted to screen size or resolution.