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The FUTURE SYSTEMS SOFA is a brand new concept of seating undermining the usual concepts of straight lines and shapes. Jan Kaplicky evokes the feeling of the unborn baby inside the mothers lune - the safety of the environment which enables its users to relax and to deminish all possible boundaries of communication bringing us closer to each other in our most natural way. Versatile in its use and beautiful in its design, the sofa is a true masterpiece of a future generation of seating. Produced in wood base and natural leather covers with high gloss finishes on the wood base. 3,00 x 3,70 m in dimensions allowing for up to 8 people. Accompanied with lamps, a TV set and a vase.

About Designer

I have been working in the real estate investment development industry for over 14 years and the last 5 years running my own company realizing the flagship project www.konopisteresort.cz for which I commissioned Jan Kaplicky to design a CLUB HOUSE. He also eventually designed a villa and just one month aftr he submitted his final work for me, he suddenly died on a day his daughter was born. His wife and I decided to pay him respect and I am launching the production of this wonderful FUTURE SYSTEMS SOFA, he had designed for himself just before death, in January 2009. I live and work in Prague, age 39, single, studied interior design and fashion. Huge fan of fashion, architecture, design and lifestyle.

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