DesignerKanan Shah
Prize3rd Place in Print / Self-Promotion
Entry Description

INVISIBLE CITIES, BY ITALO CALVINO In the book "Invisible Cities", Italo Calvino describes the adventures of a well-traveled Venetian. The author is guessing that these cities are either imaginary or is related to various parts of Venice. One such city is Eudoxia. Eudoxia is described as a beautiful, symmetrical and a mysterious city that has winding alleys, steps and dead-ends. It is easy to get lost in Eudoxia. The city is said to have a secret carpet woven in crimson, indigo and magenta threads. When you pause and examine the carpet carefully, you become convinced that each place in the carpet corresponds to a place in the city and all the things contained in the city are included in the design of the carpet. Taking this description into consideration, I have tried to promote the city with an objective of marketing it. My marketing elements include a fun typographic book that describes the main attributes of the city, a brand identity, a direct mail come poster, new currencies and voter registration card for the city. I have also used the city's beauty, symmetry and mystery in my design.

About Designer

Kanan Shah Man is a born child; his power is the power of growth. His deeper self wishes to rise higher and higher and find his place in the sun. A time comes when his faith in his untamed knowledge gives him a vision to see himself penciled upon into the sky. I felt that I had arrived at such a juncture two and a half years ago. That’s when I took the bold step of coming to United States of America, known as the land of opportunities to pursue a Master in Communications Design at Pratt University, New York. I am currently working for Discovering Oz as a Graphic designer. My current job profile involves designing posters, brochures and direct mail for clients. I am currently working for a non-profit theatre club known as La Mama located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. La Mama happens to be one of our biggest clients. I enjoy designing, dancing, eating and lying on the grass for hours. I am a very active and an adventurous girl. My hobbies include cycling, roller skating and quarrelling with my brother on a weekly basis. I also spend hours watching Bollywood movies. I am a focused individual with a never say die attitude. I strongly believe in my abilities and I think I have a sixth sense – I Kan make things happen! My father has always told me, ‘When your passion becomes your livelihood, prosperity of the mind and soul will follow’. These words of wisdom inspire me to continue my journey in the field of graphic designing.