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Everything I do is a matter of passion an instinct” says Diane, designer of NAELIE. Born in the south of France, with a passion for travelling to sun drenched spots, Diane decides to launch her own brand, NAELIE. She presents her first collection for the summer 2006 season. Diane wants to offer casual yet chic clothes for a daywear or travel wear use. She designs for women who want to remain feminine and refined, the ones who want to feel comfortable and glamorous throughout the summer. Diane creates clothes but it’s never just about clothes but also about a lifestyle: NAELIE’s concept is based on a combination of swimwear and garments to create a complete wardrobe that goes from day top evening, weekends to resort places. Diane studied at the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris. She worked several years at Louis Vuitton for the women’s ready-to-wear department. Through this experience in the luxury fashion world, she polished her sense of perfectly conceived clothes that last through trends, and she fully understood the importance of precise detailing. Season after season, NAELIE confirms its position as a leading Resort brand appealing to the most stylish women. For summer 2011, NAELIE offers a very sensual and feminine collection. The brand essentials remain strong as ever through strapless bikinis and liberty print cotton swimsuits to be paired with light sundresses. A new line is added ‘Little Naelie’, designed so that little girls may approach the holidays with style.

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