La ruota del tempo

DesignerEnrico Azzimonti
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Inspired from the rotatory motion always connected to natural actions, “La ruota del tempo” is a perpetual calendar and transforms a usual gesture in a great thought, wish, dream connected to time and space. It can be also used as paperweight, but actually it indicates everyday the date, and everyday we update the day of the week, the date or the current month. Leakage-printed ceramic (typology: pottery) perpetual calendar, cooked at a temperature of 1050° C After spray enamelling by using different colours mixed in laboratory with different pigments, it is cooked a second time at 960° C, in order to obtain the shiny effect. Numbers, day of the week, months and also the logo are obtained trough decalcomania coke a third time at 920°C. On the four small ceramic wheels there are numbers, which indicate the vertical composition of the current year. The upper small wheels indicate numbers, weekdays and months. The date obtained by rotating these wheels is marked by a “timekeeper pointer” in laser cut metal lacquered in two colours.