Issey Miyake VUE

DesignerYves Behar, Bret Recor, Gabe Lamb
Prize1st Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

The VUE watch uses traditional processes in untraditional ways. We took the opportunity to do things a little differently, exposing areas that are usually hidden, and covering parts that are normally exposed. The top half of VUE is constructed out of a single piece of thick crystal that extends over the entire diameter of the watch face, eliminating a traditional bezel/boarder that normally frames the crystal. This construction innovation allows for time to be seen from the side. The light bounces from the top to the side, creating a visual lightness and playfulness. We also concealed the movement pin that holds the hand in place, obscuring the mechanics and contributing to the overall VUE experience. The edge of the watch is completely revealed while the center hand pin is hidden. Instead of showing all 12 hours on the watch face, VUE takes a different approach. The watch’s unique face presents the current hour fully, framed by the previous hour fading out of view and the next gradually appearing. This was done through the use of rotating hour disc with specially designed viewing window. This graphical treatment creates an iconic and instantly recognizable element specific to the VUE watch. It is a unique and complex graphic, relying on a series of slits and striped numbers, which when they align on the present hour, the number is perfectly completed and viewable to the wearer. Therefore, the focus is naturally drawn to the present moment. The mindset of the watch is to let the mystery of time be experienced; the watch is a way to feel time’s appearance and disappearance in our lives, creating a new VUE of time.