Jimmyjane FORM 3

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FORM 3 is the newest addition in the ‘Pleasure to the People’ series, an innovative collection for Jimmyjane combining iconic design with innovative technology. As a definite departure from typical Sexual Wellbeing products, everything about and on FORM 3 was considered for utmost functionality, durability and ergonomics. FORM 3 has a sophisticated design with an unprecedented level of refinement and quality that transforms the vibrator experience. Most vibrators look assembled, full of ugly part lines and poorly integrated features. FORM 3 is simple, smooth and ergonomic, with no visual clutter. FORM 3 is designed to sit proudly on a bedside table rather then hidden in a drawer. By understanding how people use the product, we improved the overall performance and user experience. FORM 3 has a slim, curved profile that flexes to meet the body. Featuring a soft silicone Touchpad, it moves with the body to disappear into the experience. With the application of pressure on the touchpad, it flexes, allowing for directional control of vibration. With other products, the vibration is lost or absorbed by pressure. FORM 3 invites user participation augmenting their experience. Through proprietary Waterproof Recharging Technology, FORM 3 is completely washable and bath-friendly, and never requires replacement batteries. It features medical-grade silicone, stainless steel and ABS, all completely body-safe, creating a seamless integration into one’s life. With an object, small in stature, every element is important. The button design offers intuitive access to 5 unique sensory patterns and vibration intensity control. A small notch in the base accommodates the bottom button, and allows FORM 3 to begin charging and sit upright immediately. The series has the same footprint to allow for production and use of the same base. Down to the details, the look of the bulls eye charging rings to the application of the branding, create an overall holistic product experience. If anything should be beautifully made and designed, it’s the products involved in our sexuality. It’s not a question of creating a look, but offering an exceptional experience. FORM 3 continues the innovation seen in each of the PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE designs.