Prize2nd Place in Industrial And Life Science Design / Medical Furniture
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Entry Description

Currently, only four percent of New Zealanders donate blood each year (five percent USA). Share is a new and unique system that aims to increase this figure by creating a positive and friendly experience and help to bring greater public awareness to the importance of donating blood. Share does this by putting a focus on comfort and relaxation and allowing social interaction whilst giving blood. People need more incentives, such as an enticing, less clinical setting. With Share, donors are able to enjoy a more relaxing ‘café’ style experience whilst giving blood, and can do so as individuals or in groups. Share is designed to be a unique system consisting of one table, two chairs and two trolleys, which allow the layout to be changed to suit either an individual or a group of donors. The overall design layout takes up only a small footprint, with full consideration of ergonomics for both the nurse and donor being taken into account during the design process.

About Designer

Alissa Richardson from New Zealand and has always had a fascination with problem solving and the idea of creation through design. Alissa has studied at Massey University and will be graduating in April 2011 with a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hons) where she focused on designing products that can benefit people and society. She shows interest in designing public furniture, with a curiosity in how the world works and how people interact with objects that surround them. Alissa is passionate to see how a product can make a real difference to a person’s daily life.