Chimp - Monkey Business!

DesignerAnoop Patnaik, Priyanka Bhasin
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

When textile manufacturers, GTN Enterprises, launched their T-shirt brand, Chimp, their plan was to catch the fancy of the hip ‘Youngistan’ of urban India. And that’s why they came up with an innovative retail plan; they tied up with Café Coffee Day, the cafe chain that has had much success spearheading the cafe culture wave that swept across Indian metros a decade ago. With offerings like Satellite Radio and Wi-Fi, Café Coffee Day outlets soon became a youth hub. And therefore, an apt destination for an apparel brand that brought ‘in-your-face attitude’ and ‘un-fashion statements’ on to T-shirts. What Chimp needed was a logo and a tagline that would capture youthful irreverence in a humorous way. Design Stack worked out some vibrant brand colours, created a logo-mascot – a cocky, dancing monkey silhouette, and came up with the tagline, “99% bananas and 1% you.” The catchy tagline went into a series of equally outrageous and irreverent spinoffs - 100% sinner 1% saint, 100% mentality 1% herd, 100% hyde 1% jekyll, to mention a few, and Chimp decided to use these across their in-store collateral like clothing tags and products such as notebooks and tees. GTN enterprises saw in this something that would be an instant connect with its target audience and unleashed the whole barrel of monkeys on Design Stack - all of the in-store branding and an e-commerce website for Chimp.

About Designer

Design Stack is a Branding and Graphic Design studio based in Mumbai. We help a wide range of businesses strengthen their brand identity and realise a greater awareness and demand for their offerings. The team has evolved to a twelve member team of highly specialised individuals with skill sets spanning across Brand Strategy and Positioning, Visual Identity Design, Ad Campaigns and Marketing Communications.