Global Warning

Prize3rd Place in Print / Posters
Entry Description

As global warming becomes much more serious, the average temperature has increased by 0.6 degrees compared to the last century. The caption of this series of posters is “Global Warning,” similar to “global warming”. First of all, the snowman plays the role of who notifies us of a “global warning.” The scarf that the snowman used to wear has now become a white flag as the means of surrender during the crisis of global warming. For kids who live in subtropical area, like my hometown, Taiwan, a snowman is the ideal toy of Nature in their dreams. Will there be a day when snowmen face the problem of extinction, and we will have no more chances to be exposed to snow, the gift from God? The second poster mentions that global warming causes sea-level rise. Lands are replaced by sea. People’s homes are becoming smaller; whereas, the fish’s home are bigger than before. The truth is we already destroyed natural balance. The third poster presents the final result of global warming: Human will die having to say goodbye to the world. The mask covering the face seems to insinuate one of the murderers who committed global warming.