CompanyMengwen Xiang
DesignerMengwen Xiang
Prize3rd Place in Print / Books
Entry Description

To be attractive, you don't need to be David Beckham or Jessica Albam, you can be a super charming star in your life as long as you read the book. This book uses a teasing way to teach people how to behave sexier. It classified top 10 "DO and DONTS" for men and women as a guidebook. The reason we call this book "Holy Bible" is because when you are reading a book like this one, to avoid embarrassing moment,you might never want other people to know!

About Designer

I've get both marketing and creative design professional training in undergraduate school and graduate school. To better understand the client's needs and find a right solution for each of my clients is my job. I realize that I'm pretty good at it. In creative design, I believe that everything needs a reason.