DesignerTaewan Kim, Joong-yeol Park
Prize2nd Place in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Recycling Equipment
Entry Description

It is no use crying over spilt water. However, Flora can retrieve the spilt water. Flora, the goddess of flower in Roman Mythology, is a flower vase with beautiful curves, absorbs water prolonging the life of flower, and adjusts the humidity indoors with the absorbed water like a humidifier. Unlike the existing flower vase, Flora made from natural pulp is a eco-friendly product, absorbing the water well and compensates for lacking humidity naturally depending on the temperature and humidity of room. In addition, paraffin, which is commonly used to make candle, is coated on the bottom of Flora, keeping the water from flowing downward inside the product, and provides natural coating membrane preventing the floor from being wet when the product is placed. Restoring the spilt water that can be thrown away easily in our daily lives and reusing it for human and nature, Flora incorporates green design. Flora is founded on the idea that the real green design pursues harmonious and abundant use of water, the source of life.