Aaros 10” Ultra-Thin Subwoofer

Prize2nd Place in Media And Home Electronics / TV, Video and Audio Equipment
Entry Description

At only 4.5” deep, Leon’s revolutionary Aaros 10” “stow or show” ultra-thin subwoofer challenges all conventions in speaker design by pushing the boundaries of performance, versatility, and placement. Designed to meet the audio and design demands of Living Space Theater, this modern, sculptural subwoofer looks impressive in the foreground of any home, but can also be customized to complement any décor. With a simple conversion kit, the A10-UT easily transforms from its upright position to a down-firing stow-away unit that can fit under a couch or disappear in any cabinet, delivering extreme versatility and a high-impact low frequencies to any space. Leon’s new sub also utilizes some of the most extreme building techniques and exhibits Leon's customary bullet-proof build quality. Housed in a fully sealed enclosure, and reinforced with a solid billet aluminum baffle and back that is handcrafted and machined in Ann Arbor, MI, the 45-pound A10-UT produces the bass response matched to the space for which it is intended.