DesignerJAE HO SEO
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A conventional four-legged chair limits the movement of people’s legs. With the 3CHAIR, a person can sit comfortably in their most natural position since the design allows for greater leg space. The curved seat shape, unique to the 3CHAIR is unlike any other chair. The ergonomic shape is the essential key in providing leg mobility, allowing one to seat more naturally. Also, there is a subtle curved line on the top of the chair that provides an arm rest for comfort. The 3CHAIR is constructed using red mahogany solid wood between maple veneers. This emphasizes the three legs of the chair presenting a strong contrast to its natural color while highlighting the structural integrity of the different materials. I incorporated the Scandinavian design principles of eliminating wasteful use of materials and refining structure in order to find the essence of the design.

About Designer

Sculpture BA 2008 Hong-ik university, South Korea Industrial Design BA 2008 Hong-ik university, South Korea Industrial Design MA 2011 Rochester Institute of Technology, USA