Vespa Mexico

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Entry Description

Located on Mexico's most important commercial avenue, Vespa Masaryk Scooter Store was conceived by the philosophy of the brand, but further than a brand of Motorcycles Scooters its a Lifestyle. A mix of retro and contemporary. Using traditional materials like wood of walnut, contrasted with simple forms, straight lines, minimalist finishes and playing with direct and indirect lighting. Having a small space, the store was developed based on the analogy of a central street that ends in a bow with graphic designs of an Italian villa. Part of the Italian concept was assessed using plain white bows in their geometric shapes, natural stony contrasting finishes on floors and some walls. Inspired by the famous painting "Las Meninas de Velazquez" the seduction caused by the design´s perspective, invite visitors to enter in a pleasant and natural way

About Designer

Carlos Carreño Cano Mexico D.F. 1947. Architect, painter and sculptor. Amongst the various proyects, in over more than 40 years, There are unique home designs, apparel, records, technology, motorcycles stores and many more. From the blank project to industrial design solutions in sitium for the different products on sale. In some cases designing awards for various diferent celebrations. Interested in creating spaces and objects that establish a unique brand in terms of aesthetics. Whether making a simple sketch on a napkin that are just amazing traces to view or projecting a complex building to honor a being of nature as it is able to inspire “La casa del árbol”.