Observation Tower Crane

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The cityscape of Hong Kong is famous for its congested high-rise buildings and tower cranes. Tower cranes are widely used for mobilization in construction sites. The proposed observation decks are created by modifications to these familiar tower cranes. They can be set up in a short period of time and flexible for sites with various sizes. Potential sites could then be anywhere around the harbour. These tower cranes not only benefit from the swinging movement over adjacent buildings as viewing platforms in all directions, but also enjoy the advantage of taking visitors above the harbour. The trunk serves as a circulation core, comprising of elevators and an escape staircase, while the arm can be cladded into indoor spaces transformed to serve as (A) Food & Beverage space or (B) Cable Cars. The truss of the arm is positioned with the triangular section pointing downwards to allow a larger upper space for F&B area contained in a glass box within the truss. It also facilitates the slanting glass envelopes for better viewing angles towards the harbour below. In case where Cable Cars are built, the triangular section will point upwards. The two bottom horizontal members of the truss can then be fitted with tracks for running the cable cars. Loops are formed at both ends of the arm for a single tower crane. Cross-harbour Cable Cars can also be erected by connecting multiple tower cranes.

About Designer

siDE Architects Ltd. was established on 2010 with full qualification recognized by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and the Government Department. It was extended from siDE Ltd. which established since 2003. siDE successfully earned its achievement from interior design based from siDE Ltd. to an architectural practice as siDE Architects Ltd. from projects and experience achieved. The firm is headed by director with professional qualification – Colin Chan. He acquires more than 18 years of solid experiences in this profession and have the approved certification from the Architect Registration Board & Hong Kong Institute of Architects. Prior to the establishment of siDE Ltd. & siDE Architects Ltd., Colin has worked in one of the most well-known architectural practices in the Hong Kong – P&T Group & LWK & Partners (HK) Ltd. During the years of services in P&T & LWK, a number of well-recognized projects have been accomplished – Hong Kong Museum of History, Olympian City in West Kowloon & Liberte.

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