Ceramics Vase no.27

ClientChayut Jaruthavee
DesignerChayut Jaruthavee
About Designer

Growing up in Thailand's capital, Bangkok could be said to be the origin of my interest in design. Extensive travel, has stimulated my curiosity and been illuminating, particularly the experience of seeing St. Petersburg, Russia, which provided me with an impression of how an empire could produce exquisite architecture and decor and at the same time preserve historical treasures, in spite of political instability. It made me appreciate that in Thailand, beneath the glitz and glass of modern architecture and post-modern decor, there were beautiful, historic buildings and artifacts being destroyed, in the name of capitalism. New buildings and technology were growing fast; however construction quality was jeopardized due to market demands, as well as corruption. It made me realize and question the extent to which a nation with rich and intricate designs, for instance temples, could lose so much diversity in design through time. Therefore, I would like to be able in some way to be part of the preservation of my country, by utilizing the resources available locally to promote the local economy and to increase the quality of arts and crafts at an international level.