The Human Condition: A Digital

Prize3rd Place in Multimedia / Interactive Media
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The Human Condition: A Digital Perspective, seeks to tell a digital story using imagery and opinions in order to paint a picture of the current stance society has on various issues it faces in the world today through the most popular interface available, the internet. This project seeks to search the internet's most widely utilized resources in a bid to dynamically generate random snapshots of public perception.

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Indezyne (pronounced: in-design) is a web development company that originally began as a freelance entity. The company is the brainchild of Developer Imraan Nasir, who wanted to develop one of the first digital design studios in Trinidad and Tobago. Born of this heritage and fueled by the desire to be recognized as the local company that can, Continuing to keep abreast of new technologies and trends allows us to keep on the ball with new and innovative methods of media production and as an ever evolving entity Indezyne promises to be as current as your needs for as long as you need.

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