Shallow Depth Beverage Center

ClientPerlick Engineers
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

As the leader in innovative undercounter refrigeration, Perlick Corporation has introduced the World’s First Shallow-Depth Beverage Center. This ground-breaking product is the perfect fit for a variety of hospitality and residential applications where the standard 24-inch depth is not. Designers, architects and homeowners alike now have the ability to place a refrigerator in unique applications such as the office, master suite, kitchen island, credenza and even stacked on top of a counter. The new Shallow Depth Beverage Center is ADA-compliant, available with the option of either a solid or glass door, and measures 32”H x 18”D x 24”W. The unit is powered by a whisper-quiet 700 Btu compressor and Perlick’s RAPIDcoolTM refrigeration technology, which boasts the fastest temperature pull-down in the industry – room temperature beverages are ice cold in less than 30 minutes. And, as a result of the its powerful cooling technology, wine, food and beverages can be stored in the beverage center. Perlick is the only company to offer commercial-grade stainless steel interiors as a standard feature, which helps conduct temperature better than plastic, is odor-free, and prevents the growth of bacteria. Additional Perlick accessories including a tamper-proof locking system are also available.

About Designer

As the leader for nearly a century in the commercial bar, beverage refrigeration, and dispensing equipment industry, the Perlick brand can be found in the world’s finest restaurants, bars, stadiums, hotels and resorts. Utilizing the same attention to detail and unmatched manufacturing capabilities of its commercial line, Perlick’s residential line of products is the first and only line in the industry to include indoor and outdoor undercounter refrigerators, wine reserves, freezers, freezer and refrigerated drawers, and beer dispensers available in 15-inch; 24-inch; patented 48-inch and 72-inch; customizable, stackable configurations. Clear ice makers are also available. To learn more about Perlick’s residential product line, visit or contact Perlick at (800) 558-5592.