ClientTanya Nazywalskyj
DesignerTanya Nazywalskyj
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Cachë is a modular storage unit for children, which is designed to help the child when cleaning their toys. The different textures are designed to help differentiate which items go in which modular storage unit. The different textures, colors and sizes make it easy for children to remember which items go in which sphere, and due to the modularity of Cachë it can be easily accessible by children in wheelchairs.

About Designer

Tanya is currently in her third year at Humber College completing a Bachelors in Industrial Design in April 2012. Three years ago Tanya graduated from Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec with a D.E.C in Industrial Design. Upon graduating, she received an award from the ADIQ for her thesis project, an Infant Hospital Bassinet, as well as an award from Dawson College for Best Technical Development. Tanyas design was also mentioned in the Montreal newspaper, LAPRESS. Furthermore, she completed her years at Dawson College on the honours lists for having obtained an 80% or higher overall final grade. Tanya enjoys working with acrylic rods, plastics and wood. Her interests lie in sustainable childrens educational toys. Not only does she aspire to design an outdoor playground, but yearns to create one that is wheelchair accessible in the near future.