Mecanique Toy Store

ClientWil Ken Ee
Prize1st Place in Interior Design
Entry Description

The idea of the retail is to create a toy's time into our time. The concept comes from the idea of phases of time where different phases of time brings us to a different time dimension. Steampunk elements were used to express the mechanics of time and also to represent the type of toys sold. The interior of the shop is divided spatially by custom display units. Each display has a sensor incandescent bulb that grows brighter when someoone gets closer. Hence, the interior of the shop provides the atmosphere of time phases. as you look into the interior, and walk pass the displays, the light shines as you move on.

About Designer

I am a student from KBU International College currently in Year 3 Interior Architecture and Design. I am trying to gain as much experience as possible as a student to further my knowledge of not only design, but also all the minor details of interior design. I wish to incorporate ideas that seem outrageous yet workable. Yet there is still so much to learn in this industry and my principles of design are not clear yet, hence I am still trying to find out what am I truly looking for in interior design.

Awards and Prize