ClientRKS Team
Prize1st Place in Other Products designs
Entry Description

Aura is KOR Water’s latest, lightest and most affordable sustainable hydration solution. KOR knew from market research that adoption would be a simple decision for consumers if they could deliver a product for under $15 that retained all the careful design considerations users had learned to love about the brand. Aura is KOR’s lightest and most affordable sustainable hydration solution, providing ergonomic, ecological, aesthetic and economic consumer benefits over the competition. Aura better fits the complete reusable hydration experience, whether drinking, carrying, displaying or cleaning. It also promotes a reusable lifestyle of healthy hydration that doesn’t require personal sacrifice, by delivering understated elegance to the mid-priced tier without looking so utilitarian.

About Designer

RKS is a strategic design consultancy delivering human-focused solutions with global impact, widely recognized for its multidisciplinary work in research, strategy and design. Founded in 1980 by Ravi Sawhney, RKS has created highly original solutions for clients such as LG, Medtronic, JBL, PepsiCo and HP, by focusing on consumer psychology while utilizing its Psycho-Aesthetics® methodology. RKS leverages insight to create strategies, build brands and achieve bottom-line success for its clients, and empowers consumers with compelling designs and experiences.