Special Burn Water Bandage

ClientFood Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI)
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

People will get burns everywhere, but according to the statistics data, it shows that burns happen mostly in the place we think safe and comfortable, which is “at home.” However, normally the family's first aid equipment is not perfect and the general public for the first aid equipment is often wanted to safeguard against uncertainty. Hence, because of "do not" likely to occur over time or simply forget its presence, people usually can`t find these first aid equipment instantly. If an accident happens, especially in this time-sensitive burn injury, the first time treatment will be very important. Therefore, the package design of water bandage is special. It uses the thin casing with a sucking disc; can put in the top of refrigerator within the fractional space. It will not affect the refrigerator`s function, and also conducive to the preservation of water bandage. Most importantly, you can see it every day. If burns happen, you can access in the first time to lower the incidence of secondary injury. Another designing point is using the food-grade "NATA" cellulose material with 99% moisture content, which is excellent in protection the affected area. While moving the wounded to hospital, he can feel continued soaking in the water to relieve discomfort. Also, the non-plant fiber material will not stick the affected area; then the speed of affected area clean will not be influenced. Also, the surface of water bandage is full of dense incision. If the affected area is near the joints or nose, the injured can easily move or breathe.