DIDI table lamp

DesignerRonen Bavly; Ornit Arnon; Magenta team
Prize2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Lighting
Entry Description

DIDI Table lamp The first visual inspiration for Didi came from a pleated skirt. This vision started a continual research of sliced geometrical cones. The cone begins as a flat circle which is then folded into the three dimensional shape. The form of the base was drawn from the single slice of the head cone and both the head and base are made with laser cut technology. The lamp employs a LED power saving bulb. Its small measures help to retain the lamps' almost miniature figure and its aesthetic value. A Plexiglas lens allows diffused and soft light emission. The decision to use aluminum as the material for the lamp head enables the direct cooling of the bulb by the shade, therefore, even though it's made completely out of metal there is no risk touching it. The lamp is available in two sizes and in three colors Didi (diameter 15 cm height 50) Mini Didi (diameter 12 cm height 27) The colors Yellow/Light Blue/Light Green allows a range of different light emissions varying between warmer and cooler light. LED Input voltage 230v, secondary voltage 12v, power consumption 10 watt

About Designer

Magenta is a product design and manufacture company located in the mountains of Jerusalem, Israel. The company was established in 1992 by Ronen Bavly and operates as a boutique studio with a professional workshop. Our high quality products are result of continues dialogue and cooperation between planning and production, each of them grows in the company from the inception of an idea to the final design. Our core team consists of industrial designers, an architect and a graphic designer alongside professional workers. In addition to working with commercial clients on a daily basis we are continuously exploring new ideas and developing one-off products.