ClientIshke Pty Ltd
DesignerJesse Leeworthy
Prize1st Place in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Urban Sustainable Design
Entry Description

Product Field: Water purifying dispensing system. Product Description: • Every single gram of plastic ever produced still exists, taking 1,000 years to biodegrade. • 214 million kilograms of plastic are expended in the bottling of 89 billion liters of water each year. • Plastic water bottles have a devastating effect on the environment, marine wildlife and on human health. • In many cases 1 litre of bottled water costs over 1,400 times more than tap water. Despite all the negative attributes, popularity of bottled water increases by 10% every year. Ishke aims to reduce the amount of plastic water bottles effecting our health and environment by presenting a sustainable and convenient alternative. The Ishke system is designed to dispense purified chilled or ambient water into reusable stainless steel bottles. The dispenser is inbuilt with a six stage, reverse osmosis filtration system and wireless network connectivity. The stainless steel bottles are embedded with an RFID tag that facilitates cashless payment, communicates bottle specifications and user preferences. Situated in public areas, Ishke offers the convenience, taste and trust of bottled water, but provides a brighter alternative to the destructive plastic container. The Ishke system is on track to be implemented into Melbourne in 2013. Jesse Leeworthy 0430 747 643

About Designer

Jesse Leeworthy is a Melbourne based Product Design Engineer passionate about providing environmental and functional alternatives to unsustainable products and systems. He pursues the balance of creative innovation and practicality of application and believes in designing forms and aesthetics for longevity.