Piet Stool/Table

ClientDesign O'Clock - Management and Development
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As sustainability increases to be relevant in our lives, and residential spaces downsize accordingly, we foresee most of the population living in small spaces in the near future. This concept of sustainable living speaks of responsible consumerism and people enjoying –having- only what is necessary in terms of furniture, electronics, food, clothes and also space. We move forward to a culture where things want to fulfill basic needs by reaching high efficiency in their use: products should not only address mass consumption but also be conscious of the ecosystem, money, and quality of life. Having these in mind, the Piet Stool/Table was created as a multifunctional product, allowing the consumer to use it either as a stool or a center table, ideal for small environments that need smart spatial organization. The product brings with it more than just functionality, and was designed combining two important moments of design: The characteristics of one famous name of The Stjl, Piet Mondrian, who made abstraction and clean lines paramount of his work, and the recognized school of design, The Bauhaus that contributed to the understanding of Design as a wholesome discipline. Both this concepts are embedded in Piet Stool/Table in it’s desire to serve with clean lines to multipurpose spaces. Materials: vinylester, glass and aramid reinforcement, polyurethane foam core

About Designer

Bruno Oro is brazilian product designer. He trained under the guidance of acknowledged professors and researchers such as Bauhaus Professor Karl Schawelka. Bruno's projects have been published in many countries: China, Spain, USA, Brazil, Italy, France, Hong kong, and in different medias like magazines, newspapers, websites, and TV shows. As an outstanding young professional, he brings along knowledge in Business Market on Product, Graphic and Interior Design.

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