The Lodge - Bedford Park Mansions

DesignerRichard Ganeshmoorthy
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Sidell Gibson Interiors always ensures that its clients come first and this has resulted in the company producing an extraordinary diversity of award winning work. The old Porter’s Lodge attached to the southern section of Bedford Park Mansions in Chiswick is a prime example. This was the first mansion block style building to be built in the area and was completed in 1900. Although the buildings are not listed, the site is surrounded by Grade II listed houses and therefore the redevelopment of the Lodge was subject to conservation planning and consents. It was subsequently totally remodelled and extended to create a new house to match the surrounding architectural style. The block is built in the Queen Anne style popular in the late 19th century featuring red brick, terra cotta reliefs, Dutch gables and crenulated parapets. However, once inside, a minimalist icon is unveiled. Sidell Gibson believes that the secret of designing the perfect interiors lies in the detail and handling of the space. Within The Lodge, its walls appear to float above the wide Douglas fir floorboards while the ceilings mirror this effect. A simple steel spiral staircase has been created to allow for maximum natural light to penetrate from above. This makes the light dapple and etch a tree-like silhouette on the floor below. Indeed life insideThe Lodge is very much designed to be in balance with nature.