Dialogue Montage in space and urban context

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Design idea, through the editing and blending in both east and west cultures, the high and low of the tangible lines, crisscrossing both internally and externally, basing upon the concept of parabolic curve which depends on the amount of the body, interprets the virtual and real aspects of the building and derives the Dialogue Montage in space and urban context. Spatial vocabulary for this project comprises two types of concept: “Cultural intersection” and “Crisscross of the lines that are both virtual and real”. Spatial structure is displayed via pen, ink, paper and inkstone, the so called four treasures, symbolizing in addition to the series of abstract space, superbly showcasing the humanities styles unique to Chinese. Cursive Pen: Extension of the feeling, taking a deep breath, displaying the slow-witted great wisdom unique to mental Montage. Dragon line ink: Confident unification of the totems and materials through the lighting, historic charm of fine arts, exhibiting the eclectic Montage skill. Lantern paper: Wishing for the happiness, looking up to the brightness, welcoming the warmth, encountering the free and unfettered Montage wisdom. Jade inkstone: Purified water without wave, heart with clarity preceding the showing of true nature, resting and reassuring the people, loving the extreme purity, the macroscopic view for the Montage. Fluctuating arc smoothly crosses the sky. Use the material in cutting out the mass space with encompassing and semi-transparent quality touch. Building materials embedded in heaven flowers create the optimum significance of light. They also endow the whole mass space with a fluctuating lightness, delicate and dense like woven brocade interweaving the wall surface, reflection in the water into a kind of unique and rhythmic atmosphere. Thus, dialogue between the space and people is created, establishing the symbolic indicator.

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