Prize2nd Place in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Urban Sustainable Design
Entry Description

Importance of healthy local food is increasing while there is a growing awareness on the agriculture methods. Organic farming is becoming popular due to concerns like genetically modified food plantation. Home farming is also spreading both for health concerns and as a hobby. Allowing people to grow the vegetables and greens consumed at home, PlanTree offers fresher food and a healthier lifestyle while contributing a natural impact to living spaces. Herbs and plants that are used in kitchen, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, basil and mint can be grown from seed to plant. Using hydroponics, PlanTree provides water efficiency through recirculation. By supplying necessary conditions, the product enables year-round cultivation to be achieved. Automatic water and nutrition circulation reduces the need for maintenance or plant care. Vertically combined modules provide space efficiency and flexibility, while its organic form adds decorative value. With planTree, users will be having their home-grown food, with an energy efficient, self-contained system and a time saving interface. There are pot-like modules for holding plants and they can be combined in 3d space with various arrangements. Soil substitute materials are put into pot such as a sponge or as a mixture of small and big granules such as expanded clay and perlite. A cap is used to keep the water and heat for the seed while becoming a seedling. Then plant growth is sustained with a water and nutrient cycle.