Silvian Imberg

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Inspired by the beauty of natural landscape and the female form, the design for this Internationally-acclaimed swimwear shop centres around a torso-shaped dressing room that takes centre stage. Sheathed in glamorous mirror cladded strips, this sensually sculpted structure organizes the spaces and circulation around the shop, subtly prodding shoppers to explore the merchandise around perimeter of the shop. Animating the merchandise display is a series of subtly curved vertical dividers that not only help reduce retail fatigue, but also evoke the world of crashing ocean waves. Further upping the oceanic metaphors is a fiberglass reception counter that recalls the sculptural quality of a surfboard. To cap off what is essentially an ultra high-end swimwear shops that sells bikini pieces for typically US$700 upward, the floor finishes and form recall the sandy colours of a private island, expressed in a central carpet patch that reinforces the circulation routes. Silvian motivation The design was motivated by our desire to showcase the luxury swimwear in an environment that will complement the merchandise, as opposed to one that competes for attention. This was done primarily through lines and forms that recall the subtle beauty of nature, which also simultaneously mimics the sensuous curves of the female form, visually supporting the merchandise as well as enhancing it. Vision, for example - A private dressing room that is sculpted like a sensuous female torso, and a floating service counter that is shaped like a surfboard suspended in motion functional requirements of the shop were successfully resolved in ways that actively supports the design. Silvian materials - The design was realized through materials and products that mimic qualities of sea, sun and surf, as appropriate for a swimwear shop. Black granite flooring - Flowing seamlessly onto black painted glass walls to mimics the negative voidness of water, which helps amplify the multi-colours of the swimwear.