Simple not bland

DesignerKevin Yuen, Jeremy Vinson
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Simple not bland – Adopting a simple approach goes beyond the pure visual. It requires a mindset that focuses on the core of a brand. Leading to design that expresses a brand’s true essence. Tandem Design's self-promotion campaign was based on it's Inform–Create–Express process, in which a clear understanding of a brand's objectives and opportunities is uncovered to develop insight to deliver to the most effective design solutions to align with the business strategies of its clients. The promotional piece used a typographic approach with bold cut-out elements that transform the headline from a plain white to a visually appealing expression. The mailer is also a poster, which reveals a message reflecting the founders' design philosophy of 'Simple not bland'. The result was to clearly communicate Tandem Design's methodology while demonstrating its design philosophy to potential clients.

About Designer

We are a strategic design consultancy. We believe good design is effective, engaging, informative, thought-provoking, evocative, emotive, expressive. Our years of experience as designers mean that we�ve seen a lot of good design, average design and bad design. While we appreciate the aesthetics and beauty of good design; for us, it�s not great design unless it solves a problem or builds a brand. In today�s business landscape, looking like you know what you�re doing isn�t enough. Consumers are informed and dynamic and they demand interaction and engagement at every touch-point. Aligned visual communications and consistent branding is just the start. At Tandem Design we�re thinkers and we�re creators. Using our Inform�Create�Express process, we get a clear understanding of the insights, objectives and opportunities to apply the most effective design solutions to deliver brand and business strategies for our clients.