Human Rights Symbol

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Entry Description

With a simple yet meaningful line that represents two different body expressions, the Blue Flame Symbol is an iconic visual metaphor that evokes the essence of the global cause of Human Rights: - A person raising his/her arms: our humanity and expression - A flame: Our soul and passion - A reversed heart: Our clamor and compassion The Blue Flame is the light inside every human being that we must protect and keep alive, and its most intense expression is the dauntless flame that burns with the strenght and the courage of all the people who are claiming for our Rights around the world.

About Designer

Julián Jiménez works as a Strategic Designer on Corporative identity, visual communication and also as an architect. Jimenez has over fifteen years experience and has been nominated and recognised with many awards in Colombia.~His clients include: Refinería de Cartagena S.A., Computadores para Educar, Boehringer Ingelheim, Citibank and Colfondos.