PH Blu

CompanyEzequiel Farca
ClientEzequiel Farca
DesignerEzequiel Farca, Fernanda de la Mora, Salvador Daniel
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The client commissioned Ezequiel Farca to transform his penthouse into a modern retreat. Ezequiel Farca’s work includes furniture design, furniture specification, interior architecture and details of diverse materials and finishes. Materials were carefully selected to create a contemporary and warm atmosphere. Stone and marble are used alternatively throughout the apartment as organic, grounding elements. Their lighter shades create a soft transition with other materials, such as the floating wooden walls that divide the living and dining rooms, as well as the kitchen and secondary bedrooms. The second floor includes the master suite and an additional bedroom, where both celebrate the outstanding view of Acapulco. Recliners, small tables and cloth towel chairs were incorporated into the spacious terraces, allowing the homeowner/client to have a relaxing and rejuvenating encounter with nature in this indoor-outdoor Acapulco oasis.

About Designer

The firm EZEQUIELFARCA specializes in providing comprehensive design and interior architecture services, allowing its clients to discover and fully enjoy their lifestyle’s potential. Founded more than 20 years ago by Ezequiel Farca, Creative Director & CEO, the firm has become a design studio with a talented team of 30 professionals, a corporate office which offers all-embracing services, top-level manufacturing installations, as well as a showroom in the heart of Polanco, in Mexico City. The different business units of the company allow EZEQUIELFARCA to offer fully integrated services, from concept to production, delivery and installation. The study hires professionals with great experience in architecture, industrial design, engineering, ergonomics and production, frequently collaborating with other architects and developers, from space concept development and architectural environment to the final work. EZEQUIELFARCA has received more than 35 distinctions and awards, both in Mexico and abroad. The firm has designed more than 50 interior design projects with some of the most well-known Mexican architects, like Enrique Norten, Teodoro González de León, Miguel Angel Aragones among others, as well as high-profile products or environments for clients such as José Cuervo, Stanza, Vitromex, Comex, Nouvel Studio, Aeromexico, to mention a few.