Ground Zero Securitas Logo

DesignerPushkar Thakur
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

To create an identity for a security company that would be able to stand out from the market competition, be formidable in it's own right and give out a strong message relating to security and we created a bold type letter G with a slashed 0 which doubles up as a Stop sign giving the message that the personnel would be able to prevent mishaps and nothing can get past them.

About Designer

Born in 1984, New Delhi, India where he currently resides, Pushkar Thakur has been dabbling with computers and art since the age of four, a time when computers were not what they have become, when even colour monitors were rare. His education took an obvious path towards software engineering but was soon kicked aside and instead he began to explore his interest and passion for art and graphic design. He conceived and began, The Grafiosi (2005), now an international award winning graphic design studio that concentrates on aesthetically enriched and client proficient visual solutions. Having received no formal training in the field of art or design he rigorously trained himself and continues to do so through books, journals, interactive dialogue, the Internet and most importantly everyday experience. Now 25, Pushkar started working professionally at the age of 17, albeit with freelance assignments. His art continues to evolve over time and has been showcased at select exhibitions in and outside New Delhi. Digital Art as a medium is still a new concept within India and the contemporary idiom is developing thus commercial progress is slow and his design studio supports the high financial aspects involved with it. His artwork has however begun to be noticed and is now on its way to create a mark within this medium. A break away from the mundane his artwork continues to delve into his imagination, emotion and thought intermeshing his varied interests in art, design, photography, technology, literature, music and travel.