Shrine of the Holy Spirit

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The "Shrine of the Holy Spirit" at Branson, Missouri USA was inspired by an idea which came upon entrepreneur/owner Gene Bicknell in a vision five years prior to its completion in April 2010. Two years of dialogue, reflection and planning with Bicknell followed his vision. The SOA project architect needed to also understand and share this vision from the perspective of a sculptor to give it form, shape, scale and continuity with the site conditions. The "Shrine" is placed on a sloping site directly in front of The Mansion Theater building and 75 percent of the structure is recessed into solid rock with 20 foot excavated depth at the base of the Tower and Chapel. The "Shrine" structure is also positioned for optimum balance with the site, theater building and sight lines from the expressway road at the front of the site. The 100 foot high triangular shaped tower element is topped with a cross of the Christian faith and geodesic sphere representing the world. Each side of the tower feature 50 foot high sloping, splayed, scalloped top and bluestone veneered wing walls, representing the shoulders and arms of God. While the tower and wing walls are dominating elements, they emphasize the hexagon shaped Chapel building and leave no doubt as to its importance. The entire structure is placed on four multi-tiered hexagon shaped and interlocking courtyard decks covered with bluestone tiles and surrounded by descending bluestone walls which encompass two additional building elements. Main entry level deck features planters and hexagon shaped pool/fountain centered on the main steps leading up to the Chapel deck. Special features integrated into the design solution are outdoor architectural and programmable LED lighting systems for a variety of night time accent color scheme effects.

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Architect for 33 years, licensed in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Indiana, NCARB Certificate. American Institute of Architects. President/Principal of SOA Architects dba Stuart Owsley & Associates, PA. SOA has been in practice for 29 years in Southeast Kansas, USA

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