10th Anniversary Jewish Museum Berlin Stagedesign

Prize1st Place in Other Interior designs
Entry Description

The stage formed a platform to host the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Jewish Museum Berlin. A former Flower Market Hall opposite to the museum, which will accommodate the new Academy of the Jewish Museum conceived by Daniel Libeskind, was chosen for the venue. We positioned the stage between the audience and the construction site of Daniel Libeskinds `cubes´. By opening and framing the view to the background, the new construction became an integral part of the stage setup. The stage is like a window, opening the view to the future and the same time looking back onto the first decade of the museum. The projection screens, that bridged the audience’s views to the background, contained photographs from the past 10 years of exhibitions and events. The composition of triangular shapes is arranged to leave the roman numeral for 10 as the open space inbetween the two layers, marking the museum´s first decade. We designed the stage by incising a virtual back wall: It’s like the stage components are frozen on stage in an ideal position to bridge the audience’s views to the background. The geometry was inspired by the Star of David.

About Designer

Boris Banozic, born 1969 in Vukovar/Croatia, heads banozic architecture/scenography, an interdisciplinary design office based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The focus of his work is to explore the interactions between architecture, the visual arts and object design in order to find individual and innovative solutions for the coherence of space and media. His projects range from architectural design into interior design to exhibition and stagedesign. Besides heading his practice, he is teaching architectural and exhibition design at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany. He holds a Masters of Arts in Architecture from SAC Städelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt.