Apogee Condominium

DesignerLisa Roth, Colletta Conner, Audrey Johnson
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Walking into the Miami master pieces in the sky, one can’t help notice the 1934 refurbished Steinway piano sitting room. From the marble in the entryway to the solid wood wenge floors, every element within the Apogee Condominium harkens back to the glory days with areas rugs from Stark and various art deco accessories, custom cabinetry and hand selected artwork. The Apogee condominium project started with an interior of 3,900 sq. ft. of unfinished concrete floor space, with no architectural details or finishes. It would ultimately take two ½ years to complete this project. Although the condo was unfinished, we could easily see that the building style would perfectly compliment with the contemporary, art deco feel our client was looking for. The team of 30 architecture and interior design professionals began the redesign, relying heavily on exquisite lighting, custom furnishings and exotic wood veneers to create this space. The complex design of the entry foyer leading guests into the home was by far one of the most challenging. The custom laser-cut slab floors within the entryway were completed by laying slab of hardwood around the marble in a pattern that aligned all the surfaces, whether on the floors, walls or on the vaulted ceiling, collectively resembling an intricate jewel box. Each piece of artwork was specifically chosen for by Lisa Roth and art consultant Isabella Garrucho. The collection was comprised of well selected paintings and sculptures representing the best of Modern Latin American Masters. The collection also houses some American stars such as Donald Baechler’s notable black and white flowers, and the amazing ionic silver gelatin photographs from the 60s by British celebrity photographer Terry O’Neil. The collection was assembled with ease thanks to the tastefully muted colors chosen, allowing the art and the design to integrate ion perfect harmony.