Terminal C Checkpoint Consolidation at Logan International Airport

ClientAli Rizvi
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Terminal C Checkpoint Consolidation Project expands, renovates, and consolidates the two existing security checkpoints into a single location behind the airline ticket counters at Logan International Airport. Rizvi conceived of this 72,000 square foot addition and renovation to create an exciting new passenger experience, allowing travelers to absorb dramatic views of the airfield as they circulate through the ticketing hall, queuing area, and checkpoint. The architecture of the terminal checkpoint evokes the optimism and freedom associated with the golden age of mid-20th century air travel though its scale, form, and materials. As passengers approach the expansion, sweeping ceilings of polished aluminum gracefully project into the original terminal structure. Walls clad in stainless steel and acrylic panels transition from earth- to sky-tones as travelers progress through the checkpoint. State-of-the-art LED fixtures are used throughout the checkpoint for clean, bright general and accent lighting. Rizvi took every opportunity to reintroduce the connection between passenger and airfield as experienced at the original terminal. A custom curtainwall system nearly 150 feet long and 25 feet high frames the airfield, and beyond it, the eastern horizon of the Atlantic Ocean. The slender frame of the curtainwall system grows out of a stainless steel bench allowing passengers to sit and recompose after passing through the airport security equipment. The bench also provides a comfortable spot to pause and enjoy the sweeping eastward views. To further enhance the experience, Rizvi chose columns clad with elliptical, mirror finish, stainless steel covers to capture dramatic ocean sunrises that fill the terminal during early morning travel.