KCT(Korean Cinema Today)

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Entry Description

The digital magazine KCT (Korean Cinema Today) is a monthly magazine app for iPad, designed for the Korean Film Council as a tool to advertise Korean Film around the world. Taking full advantage of the digital medium provided by the smart pad, the app features various interactive and multimedia elements in introducing the latest works and issues of Korean film, thereby promoting business opportunities in Korean film industry for interested buyers and investors around the world. It has been designed incorporating a simple, yet sophisticated layout and other refined graphic elements, conforming to its global-standard visual identity and its role as a representative of a governmental agency of Korea. The app structure and UI have been designed to provide maximum user convenience, displaying various interactive features and elements for information for effective use on the smart pad. KCT is thus a dynamic digital magazine providing useful information about Korean cinema and its products for users around the world. The Korean Film Council is using KCT not only to promote and advertise the latest Korean films, but also to strengthen the image of Korean cinema as a leader of international digital culture. If you want to see the demonstration movie of this project, refer to the following URL. http://vimeo.com/35928693