Black Swan: Data Science. Infinite Possibilities...

CompanySmith & Milton
ClientSteven Anderson
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

BLACK SWAN A ‘Black Swan Event’ is described by science as one that irrevocably alters the 
course of human history. Unforseen events like earthquakes, a tsunami or population explosions all affect us in unpredictable ways. Black Swan – the company – are pioneers in the field of data science. There was more data generated in 2011 alone, than from all of previous human history combined. This will continue to increase exponentially. By analysing this mass of data from previously disparate sources, accurate predictions on future outcomes can be made. Data scientists are the new oracles of our generation. Black Swan is at the forefront of this revolution. Black Swan. Infinite possibilities... THE BRIEF Black Swan approached Smith & Milton to create an identity that would have the gravitas and confidence to position them at the pinnacle of data science evolution. They required an iconic symbol that would be instantly recognizable and clarify that
they were unlike any other data company out there. They wanted the unexpected. THE SOLUTION It would have been easy with Black Swan to draw up a beautifully illustrated mark that simply built upon the name. But that would not only have missed the point, it would not have taken it far enough. The more we talked to the client and appreciated the full extent of what they could do, the more we realised the full, exciting remit of the brief. We needed the brandmark to start a thought process where the viewer would
instantly want to know more and would question, what exactly is this? What can it do? What is its potential? I must know more. Images of Black Swans were binned. Our solution came when we focused on one thought: Absolute Revelations. Black Swan is in the business of revelations. They can literally predict what will happen next...