Legal & General Brand Book: Every Day Matters

CompanySmith & Milton
ClientSteven Anderson
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

What is an insurance company for? You go to them when you really need them – when, let’s face it – something shitty happens. So why should their marketing be all happy families and glossy lifestyles? This is real life, the good and the bad. Over the past few years, we worked with Legal & General to craft their Organising Thought: Every Day Matters. This Brand Book encapsulates what that means for Legal & General, what they believe in, care about and stand for. This book was given to every employee at Legal & General, its aim being to put their customers needs at the heart of everything they do. The Brand Book is a collection of emotive customer stories. The design is minimal in order to let the powerful photography do the work. It is a beautiful storybook that breaks the mould of what other insurance companies in the market have dared to do. The powerful and impactful photography was inspired by Tibor Kalman’s work on the Colours series for Benetton – the grittiness of the everyday. From the arresting image of a newborn’s first breath to the emotive picture of a victim of domestic abuse, these images were intended to make their employees think long and hard about the issues their customers may be facing. This is real life. This stuff is important. Every day matters. The Brand Book was printed in 4 different versions in each of Legal & General’s brand colours; red, blue, green and yellow. Special attention to detail was given on the binding and finishing and a flush-edged trim allows the images to flood the page and be the focus of the book.