The Park

CompanyCigler Marani Architects,a.s.
ClientVincent;Jakub Marani;Cigler
Prize2nd Place in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

Total floor area: 190,000 m2 Project: 1999 – 2001 Realisation: 2001 – 2010 The first construction phase, during which the administrative building 02 was built along with the adjacent garden space, was immediately followed by the next two phases during which other buildings were completed in years 2003 to 2006. In phase 2 administrative buildings 01, 03 and 05 were completed, and in phase 3 two more administrative buildings 06 and 07. Along with the completion of a series of administrative buildings artificial ponds and canals were built which, along with the gardens, connect the individual parts of the site into one whole. Further construction of administrative buildings led to the creation of a road running through the premises and closing up of a square with an underground parking lot marked as facility 04 thus creating a self-contained urban development. The central square is made up of a lawn with a pond, a golf pitch and a kiosk with a wooden terrace covered by a textile roof designed as a leisure facility. Buildings 07 and 05 were in contrast to the original project joined with a bridge suspended on subtle pillars. The extension was built to satisfy the client's wish for larger floor area and tested the viability of this urban concept. A number of auxiliary services were added to the premises during construction such as bank, gym, café, newsagent's, general practice, kindergarten and others – contributing to diversification of the premises. The gradual construction of buildings and gardens fulfilled the urban architectonic mission of creating a humane working environment.

About Designer

Cigler Marani Architects a.s. (CMA) is an architectural studio, which started its activities in November 2001. It was founded by the Czech architect Jakub Cigler together with the American architect Vincent Marani. While Jakub Cigler has brought a creative experience of working in the domestic and international architectural scene to the company, Vincent Marani´s contribution consisted in the long-term experiences in the technical management of a number of projects in the contemporary American and European architecture. Immediately after its establishment, CMA placed itself among the leading Czech companies engaging in progressive architecture. The studio has won several awards for its work, both at home and abroad (including Dušan Jurkovič Award, the most important prize awarded in Slovakia), and has been one of the founding members of the Association of the Czech Green Building Council. They have succeeded with their works and projects in architectural competitions and have been regularly presented in professional journals. CMA has had a broad scope of design activities focusing on various types of architecture: residential buildings, office buildings, as well as shopping centres and hotels. They manage construction of new buildings and renovations. With each project CMA also deals with cultivating the public space and improving urbanism in the specific area. CMA architecture is based on the well-arranged forms, on a continuing dialogue between the inner and outer space and on a significant transparency which brings a natural light into the interior. At the same time, each building is supplemented with the green space. A subsidiary architecture company OOO CMA located in Moscow was established in November 2011 in response to the growing construction demand in the Russian Federation. OOO CMA has been currently preparing 4 large urban projects in the Moscow region, directly in the developing part of Moscow.