Living Legacy

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This first ever coffee table book by Tanah Sutera, one of Malaysia's most established property developer, seeks to reinforce their corporate philosophy of "Nurturing Communities", to foster stronger communal ties and promoting generation living within Johor Bahru. As the emphasis is something fundamentally humane in the face of globalization, we go back to the basics in search of the very instincts that fuel our mutual hearts' desire. Through exploring the various facets of human nature and values that exists since the beginning of time, such as our parent's unconditional love, the timeless wisdom of our forefathers and the strengthening of ties among neighbours, Tanah Sutera hopes to inspire both current and future residents in not just inheriting their family traditions, but to "live" a lasting legacy. Available in bilingual English and Chinese, was delivered to rediscover the basic meaning of life, while celebrating life's simplest pleasures and harmony.

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