Control magazine cover

ClientMartijn van Dam
DesignerMartijn van Dam
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Control Magazine is a Dutch magazine that covers anything concerning the Dutch gaming industry. For their 23th edition of the magazine they asked Martijn van Dam to come up with an illustration in his trademark Super Silo style. Around the same time the highly anticipated Killzone 3 came out, which was the main subject of the magazine. The illustration takes slight design cues from Guerilla's first person shooter (the orange, triangular shapes in the background and red lights) while retaining an original look & feel. The orange text on the front reads 'When can we expect a second guerrilla games?' after one of the main articles which is reflected in the question mark on the robot's chest. The entire illustration was made in Adobe Photoshop using lots of vector shapes and brushing to create depth.