Packaging design for SKYY Vodka Special Edition

ClientGustavo Piqueira
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

With the primary objective of developing a promotional pack to highlight the addition of an exclusive SKYY Vodka headphone included in the pack purchase, we created a secondary pack that introduces new visual elements from the music and nightlife world that are intrinsic to the lifestyle of SKYY's consumers. We developed vibrant equalizer images that take the shape of the vodka bottle, bringing the pack to life; the headphones are shown plugged in and in use, “worn” by the SKYY Vodka Bottle, visible through the window of the pack. The modern and edgy background reinforces its positioning towards the music+nightlife visual universe, proposing a fresh new look aligned with its consumer’s lifestyle while maintaining its established visual identity’s key elements to avoid loss of brand recognition.

About Designer

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