DesignerMarcus Eilinger, Thai Hua IDconnect designsolutions IDconnect is a team of creative industrial designers with many years experience in the design and conception of luxury goods. With pride we can rely on innovative products of different brands within the luxury watch industry. IDconnect sees itself as a design services provider to the luxury industry. We develop innovative design proposals to individual requirements of our clients and its markets. Many striking designs for various companies showing our capacities and force of innovation. Shortly about Marcus Eilinger In the years 1996 to 2001 I was chef-designer at the IWC (International Watch Company). He was familiar with the design work for IWC and Lange & Söhne. With this backpack, in 2001 he initialized IDconnect and daring work since then, with other prestigious watch companies, such as Montblanc, Audemars Piguet, Zenith International, Glashutte Original, Moser & Cie and Eterna together.
Prize3rd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

LEHMANN INTEMPORAL WATCH COLLECTION Each clock proofs that time can’t be hold. But a precision watch from the Lehmann collection shows trough its timeless design that time can be mastered. In its dedicated and innovative construction, the horns are directly connected to the caseback. Two sapphire crystal glasses will allow a view of the beautiful decorated dial and movement. These watches are equipped with a radial recess glass to open the view and increase the vision to the inside of the product. Two additional patented innovations make these products outstanding. The crown has been fully integrated into the case to achieve the best protection and waterproofing. The oscillating rotor’s weight of the automatic winding mechanism has been replaced by a sapphire crystal glass. This provides a spectacular view on the entire movement and the fine lining decoration. This highly precise engraving stands for its own and could only be realized by a self-constructed ultra precise milling machine. No other engraving will beat this quality. This quality spreads over the entire watch like all engravings of caseback and dial – even the hands are milled out by this technology and appear with spectacular reflection and attention to detail. The detailing of every part had one major distinguish goal: characterizing and shaping every part to be beautiful, expressive and tactile. A dedication of the art of precision to the field of luxury timekeeping To manufacture elements of the movement other technologies have been integrated like the ‘StruTec’-Technology that has been applied on the cage of the Tourbillon . All in all a beauty for its own, with timeless design and technology of the edge of our time – THE LEHMANN TIME