Re-designing the Immaterial

Prize2nd Place in Other Graphic Designs / Other Graphic designs
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Entry Description

A Sustainable design process, proving the possibility of an alternative method to the design process. To explore more ways in which how we can make the process of designing more sustainable and socially responsible to the environment. Bring sustainability into the process of design by providing an alternative in the design process. To prove the possibility of an alternate method in the design process. To visually communicate a better and more interesting way to tackle sustainability. Benefit designers and Graphic designers as the main target audience who are looking into a sustainable design process and it also would benefit the world for the future generation to live in. Posters will never be the same again with "The letter transfer poster". Posters will never be served only for one purpose, everyone gets to bring part of the poster home with them, and after every single information on the poster is being scratched away by the audience, the poster will then become a blank sheet of paper to serve its purpose again. This thus creates a whole new sustainable process for posters.