Fanaway EVO3 - Asymmetric

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FANAWAY EVO3 - Asymmetric is an advanced ceiling fan with unique aesthetics and energy efficient design. When switched off, the unique fan blades automatically retract into the unit and visually the unit transforms into a slim, modern light pendant. Turning the fan on creates a centrifugal force which deploys the blades to circulate air within a room. It creates open space in the room environment, accumulates less dust, and is unobtrusive and versatile to visually integrate into most building interiors. The unique asymmetric design appears visually different in every veiwing angle, providing a talking peice that compliments any room environment. FANAWAY EVO3 - Asymmetric functions both as a light pendant and a ceiling fan. The unit effectively hides the blades from view when not in use. When the fan is turned on, the blades gracefully open out and start pushing air as required. When switched off and the motor starts slowing, the blades slowly retract into the unit and are hidden from view. By hiding the blades when not in use, the space around the normally obtrusive blades is cleared creating a less cluttered overhead environment. Apart from providing a clutter free environment, Fanaway provides a very different environment in comparison to standard ceiling fans or lights. Using quality materials and finishes, Fanaway sets its own standard from an interior design and styling perspective. The blades have been carefully designed to overlap each other without contact untill they come to rest in the closed position. Fanaway's unique retraction mechanism and blade design are patented worldwide. For more information visit

About Designer

In 2004 I invented a product called FANAWAY, a ceiling fan with retracting blades. It all came about one day when I had a vision to create a ceiling fan that had blades concealed within the confines of a light pendant and only transformed into a ceiling fan when it was switched on, the idea came to me on one hot summer night as I was wanting to buy a ceiling fan for my bedroom, but found that I did not want one with large protruding blades that were not required all year round. I had one of those ‘light bulb’ moments when I came up with a blade system that overlayed and retracted on itself to look like a light when it was not in use. I persisted with the idea and eventually commissioned an Industrial Designer, to assist me with the creation of a working prototype. After one year and a tremendous amount of correspondence, the first working prototype was created. It consisted of a very unique synchronized retraction mechanism and a uniquely shaped aerodynamic blade design capable of stacking over each other in retracted mode and generating significant airflow when the blades were deployed. Patents were applied for and obtained. Fanaway appeared on the ‘New Inventors’ TV show on ABCTV on October 5th 2005, and won the People’s Choice for that episode. Soon after, negotiations were entered into with Beacon Lighting to develop the product to the manufacture and production stage, and further market and distribute Fanaway to the global market place. Beacon Lighting has the sole rights to sell Fanaway in Australia. Fanaway International is now in discussions with many distributors around the world to get the product into the global market. The first Fanaway product named EVO1 Prevail was launched in 2008, EVO2 Endure 2010 and EVO3 Asymmetric 2012.